Exhibition Options and Pricing

Exhibit Options


Exhibitor Presentation & Schedule


Schedule of Payment

  • Exhibitor should pay 100% of exhibit fee within 30 days upon application.
  • Please be noted that we may stop accepting applications as soon as all booth locations are occupied.
  • In case of overdue application, please inform Show Management.
  • Changes of the payment schedule should be discussed with Show Management.
  • Payment by note must not be accepted.
  • For changes and cancellation of your booth, please refer to the regulation.

Presentations & Seminars


Contract Form / Download

Please download the [Contract Form / Regulation]. A Contract form must be filled out completely with referring to attached terms for exhibiting, and sent to ifia/HFE JAPAN Show Management.

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※In case of using another logo size, please feel fee to contact organizer. TEL:+81-3-3238-7520 MAIL:ifia@foodchemicalnews.co.jp

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