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Date May 22 (Wed.)- 24 (Fri.), 2019
Time 10:00am to 5:00pm
Organized by Food Chemical Newspaper Inc.
Expected number of visitors 34,000
Expected number of exhibitors 450
Exhibit scales 6750sqm
Endorsed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare /Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan / Food Safety Commission / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) / EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATE / Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Sponsored by IFT JAPAN SECTION / Association for Health Economics Research and Social Insurance and Welfare / Japan Food Industry Association(JFIA) / New Supermarket Association of Japan (NSAJ) / All Japan Coffee Association / Japan Caramel Industrial Association / NIPPON KORYO KYOKAI / Japan Flavor & Fragrance Materials Association (JFFMA) / Japanese Association of Food Science and Risk Analysis / JAPAN DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION / Japan Confectionery and Innovative Food Ingredients Research Center (CIFI) / Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association / Japan Food Hygiene Association / Japan Food Additives Association (JAFA) / Japan Food Research Laboratories / Association for the Safety of Imported Food,Japan / Japan Association for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Japanese Society of Food Chemistry
Supported by AOAC International Japan Section / Food Off-Flavor Study Group / Functional Water Foundation / The General Incorporated Association of International Foods & Nutrition / Food-Kansei Communications / JAPAN SUGAR REFINERS ASSOCIATION / Japan Soft Drink Association / ALL NIPPON SPICE ASSOCIATION/San shoku Kai / Nippon Ham Foundation / Umami Manufacturers Association of Japan / JAPAN EXTRACT SEASONING ASSOCIATION / Japan Ready-made Meal Association / Japan Convenience Foods Industry Association / JAPAN DAIRY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION / Japan Margarine Shortening & Lard Industries Association / Japanese Society of Mycotoxicology / Japan Society of Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers / International Life Sciences Institute Japan/Food Safety Kentei Association / Japan Stevia Association / INCORPORATED FOUNDATION TOKYO KENBIKYO-IN / Tokyo Metropolitan Food Technology Research Center / Japan Care Food Conference / The Institution of Professinal Engineer,Japan Food Processing Consultants Center / The Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards(JIHFS) / JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY / Japanese Society of Food Microbiology / Japan Accreditation Board(JAB) / Japan Electrolyzed Water Association / Japanese Association for Lactoferrin / National Food Research Institute,NARO / Slightly acidic electrolyzed water conference

ifia Japan and HFE JAPAN Profile

▼ ifia Japan Exhibitor Profile Manufacturers Of Antioxidants, Acidulants, Additives, Cereal Products, Amino Acids, Flavorings, Confectionary Ingredients, Dietetic Foods, Egg Products, Fats & Essential Oils, Fibers, Food Safety & Testing Equipment, Food Supplements, Fruits & Vegetables, Healthy Foods & Beverages, Hydrocolloids, Juices, Low-cal Foods, Soya Products, Meat & Fish Products, Nutraceuticals, Organic Products, Preservatives, Proteins, Seasonings & Spices, Starches, Sweeteners, Teas & Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements, Yeasts.
▼ HFE Japan Exhibitor Profile Alternative healthcare related food products, Amino-Acid, Beauty-care food, Commissioned manufacturing firms, Commissioned Testing firms, Dietetic food, FNFC(food with nutrient function claims), FOSHU (Food for specified health use), Health Foods, Herbs, Juices, Low-cal foods, Malt extracts, Minerals, Nutraceuticals foods, Nursing-care food, Natural foods, Organic food, Organic vegetables, Supplements, Analytical test technology, and equipments, Vitamins, Cachet / package / containers for health food, and more. Specialized zone