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No,Zone A-601、BF001、TB004
Address 1-5-3 Nishi-ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 171-0021,Japan
TEL +81-3-3985-8346
FAX +81-3-3981-1349
URL http://www.ryusendo.co.jp/
  • Category: Healthy functional nutritional
  • Products: Optain120®,Vitaonion powder,DetoSenna®,Sudachi peel extract(Sudachi is a citrus fruit similar to a lime.),Lotus extract,Kogane ginger
Co-Exhibitors None
Highlight Optain 120 ® Optain 120 ® is used Hokkaido pumpkin as a raw material & extracted by the patent manufacturing method (patented in Japan & the USA). It is a functional material with It is a functional material with It is a functional material with the most effective ratio based on compatibility test between onion and pumpkin. Vita-Onion extract Vita-Onion extract selected Hokkaido’s onion as raw material, extract by patent (Japan, USA patent) processing. Choose the best effective onion by clinical research, and pass safety test. Kogane ginger Kogane ginger has great features in appearance, flavor, and pungent. It not only has more yellowish than other gingers, but also has strong fragrance and pungent. Another different from other gingers is that Kogane ginger has lots of "Shogenaol" and "Gingerol" than other gingers.