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Bio'c Co., Ltd.

No,Zone A-816
Address 111-1, Uchida, Murocho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, JAPAN, 441-8087
TEL +81(532) 31-9204
FAX +81(532) 31-0316
URL http://www.bioc.co.jp/
  • Category: Other functional ingredients
  • Products: kojinize(koji processing technique)
Highlight Bio’c has been manufacturing Tane-koji, an indispensable ingredient for Japan’s fermented food ever since 15th century. Under the technique passed down through long history, there are many past performances of various kinds of kojinize. From more than several thousand kinds of koji mold we hold, we choose the most suitable koji strain fitting your purpose and the material. By kojinize, the material becomes low-molecular weight and easy to be absorbed into the body, which makes it possible to enhance its functionality and bring out a new taste. It is expected to create value as a new food ingredient.