Exhibitor List

ViteCer Ltd.

No,Zone EP003
Address 2700 Cegléd, Ipartelepi út 8/b. HUNGARY
TEL +36 53 500 136
URL https://vitecer.hu/en/
  • Category: None
  • Products: Food supplement straws, Milk/Water flavoring straws, Instant oatmeal with premium ingredients, Fibre/protein-rich muesli bars and oatbars with various choices of flavors.
Co-Exhibitors Cornexi Food Ltd.
Highlight ViteCer Ltd. is Hungarian producer of flavoring straws since 2005. Kids from more than 30 countries in the world are falling in love with milk and water using our straws. Beside our own brands, our company even has the capacity to fulfill private label requests. Inspired by the global market demand, we have successfully developed a wide range of supplement straws. From the KIDS vitamins to the Beauty formulation our company has it. Our Cornexi instant oatmeals has recently grown into the top brands in domestic market. Besides oatmeal, we offer other healthy breakfast selections such as cereals, muesli bars, oat bars, and working on development on protein bars. All of our facilities are producing under the quality assurance procedure of GMP / IFS.